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Parents Online with School Districts

This page holds examples of Online Parent Spaces from school districts. Let's create a storehouse of samples!

It may be a portal, it may be a homework website, it may be a PTA website. It does not have to be from your own school district, though please send a note to the district that their site is featured here.

Miami Dade County Public Schools

Parent Portal includes a password-protected space, as well as Parent Toolbox, Parent Highlights, News and Events, Frequently Viewed Sites, and Resources.
Parent Toolbox: School calendars, external link to PBS Parents, Report Card Information Center (what it means, graduation requirements), and a link to SCRUB (Students can really use bathrooms) which is a bathroom incident reporting system.
Services: Before/After School Programs, Food and Nutrition, Transportation, No Child Left Behind Parental Options, and Parking at the School Board Administration Building. Each service link opens a new page with information about the topic and other relevant links. For example, the Food and Nutrition page reminds parents that they can pre-pay for school meals online. MDCPS uses a service called PAYPAMS that parents can sign up for.
A video on the public site introduces the portal to parents and demonstrates how to sign up for and access the password-protected space. That space includes a personalized page (information, weather, news, events, testing schedules) and a link to their child's information about bus routes, academic and behavioural informaiton. Application forms for programs and services are also availble in the secure portal space.
Parents need to visit their child's school in person to obtain their child's school ID number and a parent PIN (personal identification number). The PIN connects that parent's profile to their student's information.
Several online tutorials are available on the site and some is available in multiple languages (though primarily English and Spanish).

Orange County Public Schools

Parent Portal includes a password-protected space, as well as links for Schools, Your Student, Parent Involvemnet, Instruction & Graduation, and School Zones. Other information includes School Calendars, School Breakfast/Lunches, Frequently Called Numbers, Publications/Messages, After School Care, College Prep, and Reading Support.
The password-protected section is an online environment called ProgressBook. An online manual describes how parents and students can view grades, progress and a classroom/school calendar posting events, due dates, and testing schedules.

Meridian Joint School District

Parent Portal begins with a page describing the various ways that parents can find out what is happening with their child and their child's school:
Online - using PowerSchool (more below) or by subscription to an online newsletter
Mail - reports on student performance, newsletters, or personal letters
In Person - personal appointments, parent-teacher nights, parent information nights.
Sixteen links are provided accessing information about assessment, course descriptions, driver education, forms, handbooks, higher education, night school, nursing services, parent education, school hours, school nutrition, school registration, special education, summer school and teacher collaboration. The sixteenth link is to Power School, an online software environment that provides grade, attendance, schedule, and teacher email for each child. The parent receives login information (separate for each child) from their child's school.

Edmonton Public School Board

schoolZone is a locally developed secure portal that "allows parents, teachers and students to access school information including, homework assignments, attendance, progress reports, learning resources, test banks, events, school news and announcements" (from the website).
The homework channel displays in a daily or monthly format the assignments and can link to relevant documents. A news channel provides up-to-date information from the classroom, the school and the district. Parents can view student marks, progress reports, and attendance information. Student timetables and provincial achievement scores are available for viewing.

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